Price Guide


Prices quoted are both for Men and Women in Singapore $


  • Handmade suits from S$350 (see 4 fabric ranges below)
  • Handmade shirts from S$60
  • Blazers and Sports coats from S$220
  • Trousers from S$90
  • Overcoats from S$450

*You have the option to order with extra trousers or a waistcoat. Ladies suits can be made with skirt or trouser.
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We have a very large selection at all price points.Our garments are handmade precisely to your size and shape to give a perfect exacting fit.

  • Essential range: Pure wool fabrics: S$320 to S$400.
  • Executive Range: Cashmere wool fabrics S$400 to S$650.
  • Luxury Range: Super 150- 180 Cashmere wool fabrics S$650 to S$900.
  • Designer Fabrics Range: Dormeuil, Holland and Sherry, Scabal, Cerutti, Reda, Valentino, Loro piana, Ermenegildo Zegna, Piacenza, Cavendish, Sir, Guabello and introduing our latest collections Lanificio Di Vallemosso, Lanificio Di Calvino which are already on our shelves from S$1500 upwards.

Features of Suits

  • Hand peaked stitching on jacket lapel.
  • Surgeon's Sleeves with 4 real working buttonholes on sleeve.
  • Fully customizable interior, with 4 interior pockets to spread your carrying load.
  • Shield guards to protect from your perspiration.
  • Fully hand piped interior.
  • Floating horsehair canvas.
  • Handcrafted shoulder padding ensuring a perfect shoulders fit.
  • Option of full or half lining in the jacket.
  • Trousers with lining to the knee, (further if you need).
  • Heel guards at the trouser bottoms to protect from your shoes.
  • Pockets inside of pockets and reinforced pockets to hold your change.
  • A hidden pocket in the trouser waistband.
Management Quotes

  • " Bespoke tailoring is in my blood. I have been in the tailoring business for more than 45 year and it is my passion. My mission is to dress both men and women to their best level, although I am not well dressed. If you look good and feel good, I feel very good.   Max Mohan Owner and Fashion Designer   "

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